Some People

Some people when faced with their doubtful and contradictory behaviour go wild. Instead of giving explanations for their wrong doing and constant lies, they shout out, insult and even threat those able to put them with their backs to the wall, in a desperate attempt to hold together the pieces of their crumbling piteous exhistence.What they do not realize is that their making resistance to the inevitable truth has no meaning at all. and their slandering is proof of their flimsiness and lack of brain.

sabato 10 novembre 2012


Some people would rather deal personal matters publicly instead of doing it privately, especially when they are questioned for their sense of friendship and reproved for their behaviour.
On July 5th, 2012 at 22.54 and at 22.57  insulting quotations were posted on my Fb wall with the sole aim of blackening me in front of my friends, colleagues, relatives and acquaintances. Later on, when I discovered clear intentions of doing harm to my Profile, I was privately insulted and threatened to be denounced if I could not be able to keep my mouth shut and to keep my hands off the keyboard. All this can not be denied and accepted!
And for what? For a private letter written to a former friend where I expressed all my disappointment and rage towards some kind of human behaviour which, in my opinion, has nothing to do with my idea of true friendship. I was angry, as anyone could have been, when faced with disillusion but there wasn't any threat of any kind. And for what else? For some posts on my Facebook wall where I did not mention anyone in particular, and by that time I had already been indirectly insulted on the former friend's wall, who used some writers' quotation to offend me, instead of giving explanations privately. Finally, I was unfriended and blocked by some common friends of ours without my having done anything to them and since then they have behaved as if I were a dangerous person. That's unacceptable!

How am I supposed to react in front of all this?

I do not publish your name, your picture and your shameful quotation (not to mention the e-mails I received although they are private) as you would deserve, since you evilly attempted to discredit me but I have got a few things to remind you, PUBLICLY, as you did in my Profile. After all, I know you better than anyone of your  "friends".

YOU defined me as an envious person. It is easy to mistake rage and disappointment with envy  and meanness when envy and imitation are the foundations of one's life. I never wanted to be like you and the other people we both know. Unfortunately, I have raised envy more than once from and only the very same group of people I met many years ago, and what is astonishing is that it has been noticed by more than a few people, even by those who are solely on the net, who asked me about this "close" friends' attitude. And I replied, giving explanations to an absurdidy that I had never noticed in other people.

YOU insulted me publicly yelling that I am a mentally ill person. Maybe I got infected but I am in the process of healing as I have cleaned up the wireless madness of the last couple of years.

YOU reproached me that I did not obtain anything. Well, sorry to disappoint you! My job is giving me great satisfaction, I work with wonderful people and I have never been admonished by my superiors for not doing my job properly! I fought to get these results and, at this point, I consider myself lucky compared to the unemployed and the desperate employed ones who are forced to do a job that they literally hate! I avoided to live on my wits' as many people have been doing! I took professional risks and I have been rewarded at last! I am receiving so much on a human level as well as on a professional scale, all things that only a good brain can attain despite all the difficulties and challenges.

YOU suggested my staying alone to leak my wounds. I do not have any leaks to wound and despite your  strong advise, I went out, I met new people and I talked about all my experiences! I did not get bored! Neither did my old and new friends!

Next time you happen to have a "real friend" (I frankly doubt it), whatever the reason, problems must be dealt PRIVATELY not PUBLICLY, instead of writing stupid author's quotations on your FB profile's wall just to provoke and then burst out in such a reproachable way! 

As you can see, I am not a the only TOTALLY STUPID PERSON as you are labellying me!

YOU travel? This is not a way to measure one's intelligence  and wit. Instead, it is a way to make childish comparisons with other people on a certain level. But I am accostumed to such level! I just took a twenty year break from it!

My next and final move is to tell you that I have a new blog where I   posted all the articles that I removed from here. A place where I will keep on writing freely about all my adventures and YOU, along with the curious, the real envious ones, will


Don't bother me in any way. I do not want to have anything to do with you for the rest of my life and I do not answer to anonymous phone calls!